Canon Prima Zoom


Canon Prima Zoom - Point & Shoot Camera 24*36

Type: Compact Point & Shoot

Film format: 35mm

Years of production: From 1988

Light meter: Yes

Focus: Autofocus

Energy: 1 2CR5 battery

Lens: Canon Lens 35-70mm 3,5-6,7

We check and restore our analog cameras in our workshops in Lyon since 2012.

This model is a nice Canon Prima Zoom. This camera is a Compact Point & Shoot and one of the first to hold a zoom.

It is known in Japan under the name "Autoboy" or in the US as "Sureshot Zoom".

It has a self timer mode of 10 seconds.

This camera has been fully checked and is ready to work. Everything is working: shutter, shutter speeds, autofocus, light meter, self timer, film loading, rewinding...

It is sold with one 2CR5 battery.

The lens on this camera:

Canon Lens 35-70mm 1:3,5 - 6,7. The lens is clean, without scratches or fungus.

All our cameras are antiques and may wear signs of use. The pictures will give you a better glimpse of the condition.

Film Format
35mm / 135

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