adox color implosion 35mm
  • adox color implosion 35mm

Adox Color Implosion 35mm


Adox Color Implosion - 35mm film for analog camera.

Type: Color (Negative)

Format: 35mm

Exposures: 36

ISO: 100 to 400

The Adox Color Implosion is a color film that can be shot from 100 to 400 Iso.

This unique film looks similar to some expired film: exploded grain, faded colors, soft image.

But to these is added its unique red which gives your image a good saturation.

Sadly we offer you here the last pieces of this discontinued film because of the lack of raw material needed to produce this one.

Note: This film doesn't have a DX coding.

Film Type
Color (Negative)
Film Format
35mm / 135

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