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Pentax 67 Takumar 135mm 4

We check and restore our analog cameras in our workshops in Lyon since 2012.

This model is a Pentax 67. This camera was designed for professionnals in the end of the 1960's.

It takes 120 Films and delivers 6*7cm shots.

It is sold with its wooden hand that helps you to hold the camera and adjust the focus with the other hand. It can be removed.

This camera works like a 35mm reflex but with 120 Film. It is a heavy camera.

This model has a cell which gives you your settings for the light balance.

The Pentax 67 is often regarded as one of the best 6*7 cameras because of its construction and its high quality lenses.

This camera has been fully checked and is ready to work. Everything is working: shutter, shutter speeds, light meter, film loading...

It is sold with one 4SR44 battery and its strap.

The lens on this camera:

Super Multi Coated Macro Takumar/6*7 1:4 135mm which is an amazing lens. The lens is clean, without scratches or fungus.

All our cameras are antiques and may wear signs of use. The pictures will give you a better glimpse of the condition.

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