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Fuji GW690 II Fujinon 90mm 3.5

We check and restore our analog cameras in our workshops in Lyon since 2012.

This model is a Fuji GW690 II. This camera is a legend in the medium format world thanks to its amazing lens.

It takes 120 or 220 Films and delivers 6*9cm shots.

The lens on this camera cannot be changed, its length is 90mm which renders the same size as a 45mm on a 24*36mm camera.

This model has no lightmeter, the focus is possible through a nice rangefinder.

The mechanic speeds go from 1 second to 1/500s, the aperture can be chosen from 3.5 to 32.

A counter on the sole of the camera displays the number of rolls shot in the camera's life.

This camera has been fully checked and is ready to work. Everything is working: shutter, shutter speeds, rangefinder, film loading...

It is sold with its original case and strap.

The lens on this camera:

EBC Fujinon 90mm 1: 3.5. The lens is clean, without scratches or fungus.

All our cameras are antiques and may wear signs of use. The pictures will give you a better glimpse of the condition.

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