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Nikon F Apollo Photomic & Nikkor...

We check and restore our analog cameras in our workshops in Lyon since 2012.

This model is a nice Nikon F"Apollo" with a Photomic. The Nikon F is a legend: it's the first reflex camera ever produced.

The Apollo line gathers the Nikon F that were the last produced before the F2. They can be recognized to their self-timer lever and winder which have the same materials as the Nikon F2. These cameras are known to be tougher since they are the last produced.

The Nikon F has a eye level prism (this one is the Photomic) but can be used without at waist level.

This camera has been fully checked and is ready to work. Everything is working: shutter, shutter speeds, mirror, Photomic light meter, self timer... Please note that the rewind lever sometimes pops out, nothing serious.

It is sold with one new battery with the Photomic.

This model is sold with its lens:

Nikkor Non AI 50mm 1:1,4 which is known to make great pictures. The lens is clean, without scratches or fungus.

All our cameras are antiques and may wear signs of use. The pictures will give you a better glimpse of the condition.

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