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Marinette Film M102 1600 35mm

Marinette is launching her new "Marinette Film". Those films can be either Expired Films that we buy in bulk roll and respool in 35mm cartridges or nowadays manufactured films that are respooled in 35mm cartridges. The idea is to offer a wider choice to the new and expired films we already have in our shop and eShop. All those films are manufactured using recycled cartridges.

The "Marinette Classic Film" are manufactured with a modern produced film basis that is respooled in 35mm recycled cartridges.

The "Marinette M102" is manufactured with the basis of the "Tasma Aerial Type 42L" that is manufactured in Eastern Europe, it was used for Aerial Surveillance. It has a high speed sensitibity and a good sharpness, it is a super black and white high speed film.

The manufacture sensitivity for this film is 1300 Iso, it can be used at 400, 800 or 1600 Iso easily. All the Photo samples here were taken at 1600 Iso.

You will find photo samples made by our team. Some pictures were made using a local Black and White lab to show you how it will turn out if you don't develop it by yourself, some others were made using Stand Dev with Adox Adonal 1+100 - 1h00 - 20°C - 1 turn or Kodak D76 1+1 - 16 min - 20°C. This film has many ways of being exposed or developed, you can find other developing times and tips on Massive Dev Chart.

The film basis is super thin, we recommend to check that your loading wheel is really dry. Some patience might also help!

This 36 exposures film is respooled using recycled cartridges, it doesn't have any DX Coding (Point & Shoot and Modern Reflex be careful)

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