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Pack of 5 Solarcan Pinhole Camera

Pack of 5 Solarcan.

The solarcan is an easy-to-use pinhole camera, it can be used one time.

It has been made to be settled in front of the sun during a very long time of exposure (from 1 day to several years).

When it's done, you can take the negative paper and scan it.

Be careful, the paper is still sensitive to the light so too much time on the scanner will affect it.

The size of the negative is 5x7" (13*18cm).

Each pack includes a Solarcan, a guide and two circlips.

Expired: Kodak Pro 400 10 Inch x...

We hunt for you Vintage films to give you a chance to shoot disappeared films.

We don't know how these films were stored so we can't give you any guarantee.

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