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Tetenal Ultrafin 1 Litre

The Tetenal Ultrafin is a universal liquid developper for black and white films.

Easy to use, it allows a large control over the contrast and to take advantage of the film sensibility. The grain is fine.

The dilution goes from 1+10 to 1+30.

This developper can be normaly and push processed.

Tetenal Stabinal 0,5L

The Tetenal Stabinal is a stabilizer for black and white papers.

The stabilizer protects the paper from oxidation or yellowish coming with time.

It may be used after the final wash bath, during one minute or so.

Dilution recommended 1+19

Tetenal Protectan Spray 400ml

The Tetenal Protectan is an antioxidant spray that prevent from chemistry air alteration and so extends the chemistry lifetime.

It has to be directly injected into an opened solution bottle, the heavy gaz from the spray will move the air to avoid any contact with the solution.

Tetenal Parvofin Tabs

The Tetenal Parvofin is a black and white tablet developper for films.

Tablets developpers offer a long life shelf (around 4 years) and are not affected by temperatures changes (between -40°C and +40°C).

This developper is for fine grain films and allows you to process, one dillution (A+B Tabs) can develop at least 2 * 135/36 films.

Every solution is composed with two parts tabs (A and B).

Tetenal Mirasol 2000 250mL

The Tetenal Mirasol 2000 can be used as a wetting agent or a glazing solution.

For black and white films or papers, the Mirasol adds an antistatic and anti-bacterial effect that protects the negative or picture.

Dilution recommended at 1+400 for wetting agent and 1+40 for glazing solution.

Tetenal Lavaquick 1L

The Tetenal Lavaquick reduces the time of washing by 50%.

Economic, it doesn't affect the way the film/paper is washed so it's accurate.

Recommended dilution: 1+19

Tetenal Film Cleaner Spray 400mL

The Tetenal Film Cleaner is a neutral spray for cleaning any type of surfaces.

It can remove fingerprints, greasy and adhesive residues on fil negative as well as on metal, plastic, glass...

Better to use with microfiber cloth.

CineStill Color Simplified Powder...

The CineStill "Color Simplified Powder Kit" C-41 allows you to process negative color films with 2 simple mixtures.

Easy processing up to 24 rolls.

The kit contains:

CineStill Color Developer powder BATH 1 

Cinestill Bleach and Fix powder BATH 2 PART A 

Cinestill Bleach and Fix  powder BATH 3 PART B 

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