Bi-Pack Go Color - White Frame


Bi-Pack Polaroid Film Color - Instant film for Modern Miniature Polaroid camera

Type: Color

Frame: White

Number of pictures: 8 * 2

Developping Time: 10-15 min

Compatible Polaroid: Go Cameras (Miniature Cameras)

The worldwide known Instant Film manufacturer creates a new format of Instant Photography with the Polaroid Go Films.

Brought back from the deads in 2008 by Polaroid (former Impossible Project) this film is only manufactured for the latest produced Polaroid: the Polaroid Go.

Its unique colors will make you feel in the 1980's, 1990's.

The high sensitivity of this film (640 ISO) allows you to use it either inside (with flash) or outside, which is perfect for parties, birthdays or to capture every memories.

Be sure to protect your film just shot from the sun: put it back in its box or something thath keeps it away from the sunlight.

Please store your unused films in the fridge.


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